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We build primarily three types of grinding stones:

While we manufacture both grinding stones and polishing stones, we focus mainly on polishing stones.
There are many different types of polishing stones according to what is being polished and by the polishing method. There are many polishing methods, types of abrasive grain, and shapes and grades of grinding/polishing stones. As a reference for choosing which type of grinding/polishing stone is appropriate, the different types of polishing and grinding stones are listed below by type (method of manufacture) and by use.

By Type (Method of Manufacture)

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  1. PVA
  2. Resinoid
  3. Vitrified

By Use (Application)

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  1. Magnetic Heads
  2. Gravure Rolls (copper cylinders for gravure printing)
  3. High-precision Finishes
  4. Diamond Dressers
  5. Filters
  6. Honing
  7. Soft-metal Polishing
  8. Non-metal Polishing
  9. General Grinding
  10. Rough Grinding